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Ng Ka Wai & Associates Limited, Hong Kong

吳家偉建築工程師有限公司, 香港

顧問建築師及工程師 - 政府認可人士丶註冊結構工程師丶註冊專業建築師丶認可工程師

專業範圍: • 大小工程入則 (屋宇署) • 改建及加建申請 • 樓宇設計及維修 • 鋁窗及幕牆設計工程 • 牌照申請 • 結構及斜坡安全評估 服務範圍: • 工程設計及監理 • 可行性研究和規劃 • 向政府部門呈交建議及設計 公司簡介:   吳家偉建築工程師有限公司(NKW)在香港成立 今, 承接各類型及大小工程顧問項目超過300餘個。 本公司成立目的及宗旨是為客戶提供全面和獨立的專業工程顧問服務。NKW提供的工程顧問服務,包括 新建工商或私人樓宇設計丶現有樓宇改建同工程管理丶樓宇維修與保養丶鋁窗及幕牆結構設計丶牌照申請等。主要服務對象有私人機構業主丶私人物業業主丶立案法團丶樓宇管理公司同大小發展商。 NKW擁有一群富有經驗的專業技術人才,其中有英國特許及香港政府註冊工程師丶則師與認可人士,已獲授權可向各政府部門直接呈交圖則及設計。 NKW熟識各政府部門如屋宇署丶食物環境衛生署丶土地註冊處及消防處等之運作丶規則和驗收標準,有豐富經驗,可有效幫助客戶提供最具成本效益的方案。 General Description   Ng Ka Wai & Associates Limited (NKW) Hong Kong was established to provide professional services to the public and private sectors on new construction, alterations, repair and maintenance structure-related projects. With both ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS under one roof we bring together a design where beauty and function gather harmoniously. NKW offers a variety of professional services including services of Architecture, Structural Engineering, Project Management, Construction Administration, Building Inspections and Facilities Planning. Our design members are well experienced and mostly have been involved in designing buildings for over 15 years with over 300 buildings.   Key Services and Expertise   NKW commits to provide a complete range of coordinated architectural design and engineering services to regional clients. The basic phases of service on a typical project are feasibility study, preliminary design, final design, construction bid evaluation, and construction observation. Our principal service includes but not limit to the following: • Government (i.e. Buildings Department, BD) Submission for New Construction and Alteration & Addition (A&A) Work • Design (Architectural & Structural) and Planning for New Developments and A&A Work • Handling Buildings Department Orders • Applications of Licensing for Restaurants, Club House, Motels, etc. • Structural Certification on Buildings and Houses’ Alteration/ Repairing Work   Primary Goal NKW values and enjoys long-lasting relationships with our clients. By this, we set our primary objective to provide our Clients full range of professional services necessary to carry projects from the conceptual stage through the completion of construction in good relationship with Project Owner and Related Parties to assure the most benefit. We allege cost effective, efficient and aesthetically

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